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A Very Rare Combination of Skill And Heart

After hurting my right shoulder last January, I had difficult time moving my arm or reaching out for things in general. I first tried a reputed orthopedic surgeon. He gave me a few injections of cortisone but to no avail. Then he suggested a surgery. That was when I decided to try acupuncture.

Why am I giving this place 5 stars? Many doctors may possess the skill and knowledge but few have a tender heart of a true doctor. D. Peng is one of those few who have both the heart and the skill.

His bedside demeanor was first-rate: kind, warm, and understanding to all my needs and concerns. He did such a great job at explaining the treatment in a clear and concise manner every step of the way.

From what I observed, Dr. Peng never treated his patients as goods on a production conveyor. He treasured his relationship with patients, and was willing to spend plenty of time with them. He was never in a rush. From time to time I saw patients coming out of the treating rooms with a big smile on their faces and pouring out compliments about Dr. Peng to his staff. By the way, Marina, the lady at the front desk, is one of the best staffs I’ve ever seen in any doctor offices.

After Dr. Peng’s treatment, now I can sleep through the night without feeling any pain on my shoulder. And I can put on my T-shirt easily; before, whenever I put my T-shirt on, I have to hold my breath because of the pain. I am not fully recovered yet but I will definitely continue my treatment with Dr. Peng.

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