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Work on multiple issues on each session

I am so glad to have found Dr. Peng. I initially went to him because I had an acute sinus infection for 10 days. I had taken antibiotics and steroids for a week but still was in a lot of pain and tension. After 2  sessions  my pain was gone! He is a master at acupuncture!

I continued to see Dr.Peng for other issues that we discussed on my first visit.  I have constipation for the past 7 years. I’ve seen Dr.Peng 4 times for this problem and I’ve been having regular bowel movements.

Dr.Peng is also working at the tension in my neck and shoulders that is created in my line of work. I can already feel the tightness releasing after two sessions.

My favorite part is that Dr.Peng can work on multiple healthy problems on each session. I would recommend everyone and anyone to go see Dr. Peng if they had any healthy problems.

Claudia B.

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